The Arts Consultant: planning for a useful consultancy

So you and/or your Board of Directors is planning a project that will involve the use of an outside consultant or consulting firm.  We’ve all seen consulting projects that have been [...]


Founders’ Syndrome: Why we should all be concerned

What is founder’s syndrome and why does it affect so many smaller arts and non-profit organizations?  Founder’s syndrome occurs when a founder of an organization is not able to [...]


(Presentation) Arts Presentation Contracts

Arts presentation contracts from Linda Rogers Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers


Stratford Festival announces Michael Langham Workshop

Call for submissions from Canadian directors for 2012 The Michael Langham Workshopfor Classical Directiona director training program with emphasis on classical text Michael Langham – [...]


Magnetic North seeks new Artistic Director/Curator

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers


Arts Presentation Contracts

In the arts it sometimes seems that there are endless varieties and shades of collaboration, partnership and co-presentation agreements possible. But when I was first working in the concert [...]


Michael Kaiser’s “The Art of the Turnaround”

Yesterday I was reading a post by Jodi Schoenbrun Carter on Michael Kaiser’s “Arts in Crisis” program that is a follow-up to his book, “The Art of the Turnaround”. I [...]


Zen and the art of organizational maintenance

I think it was David Parsons, the Music Officer at the Ontario Arts Council who said to me that while he used to think of arts organizations as going through processes of recovery that would end [...]


Technology in the Arts Conference

It was my privilege to present to people at the Technology in the Arts conference at the University of Waterloo May 9-10 on the subject of classical music in virtual reality. My introductory [...]


Self-policing code of ethics for Canada’s charitable sector announced

The Association of Professional Fundraisers is show below updating its professional code of ethics in 1964. More than 40 years later the Canadian Charitable sector is catching up! In the wake of [...]

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