Getting it Right: Consulting Projects (Presentation Slides)

Getting it Right: Working Successfully with Consultants from Linda Rogers Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers


The Arts Consultant: planning for a useful consultancy

So you and/or your Board of Directors is planning a project that will involve the use of an outside consultant or consulting firm.  We’ve all seen consulting projects that have been [...]


“Ends Justify the Means” Dilemmas in the Not-for-Profit Workplace

I have been thinking for some time about how we monitor and resolve ethical dilemmas in the non-profit workplace and how we could assure that public money is well-spent. In the not-for-profit and [...]


Founders’ Syndrome: Why we should all be concerned

What is founder’s syndrome and why does it affect so many smaller arts and non-profit organizations?  Founder’s syndrome occurs when a founder of an organization is not able to [...]


(Presentation) Arts Presentation Contracts

Arts presentation contracts from Linda Rogers Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers


Delegation # 1: Why managers are afraid of delegating.

The first in a small series on the management art of effective delegation. When you talk to unhappy employees and ask them what is wrong with their jobs or their relationship with managers,  [...]


Commonsense Social Media for Small Arts Orgs

A few Do’s and Don’t’s about Social Media for artists and small arts orgs Do remember to include in your plan all your skills that are relevant to a successful social media [...]


Magnetic North seeks new Artistic Director/Curator

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers


Explaining an Arts Non-Profit

This video would be funny if it weren’t so sadly true. I have had this conversation so many times, not only with audience members but regrettably with too many arts board members. Bread and [...]


US survey shows grantmaking fell 8.4% in 2009

The Non-profit Times reports that during 2009 the amount of grants awarded by 75,000 foundations across the USA fell 8.4 % from the prior year. This despite foundations cutting costs of their own [...]

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