Virtual Beading Circle

Fantastic use of the internet to share craft knowledge across distances. Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers


Muslim & American Extremists censoring Art

In the Time magazine article Indonesia’s Artists vs. Muslim Extremists,by Jason Tedjasukmana, the author decries the “Talibanization” of Art in Indonesia. He recounts a story of [...]


Will more public engagment or more electronic media be the future of the arts

While recently the Met was reported to be contemplating replacing its’ summer programming with filmed performances shown on the big screen, the public was more engaged in filming and [...]


Toronto Bubble Battle July 11 @ 3 pm

Never has a Smart Mob had so much fun as blowing Bubbles at the annual Bubble Battle organized by the street art group NewMindSpace. The people who brought you the Union Station pillow fight, [...]


International Drawing Day June 6

You know you want to do it. You know you really want to do it. Do what? Draw of course! So on Saturday June 6, International Drawing Day stop everything pick up a pencil, a pen, a paintbrush, a [...]


The purpose of the Arts

As I conclude my three years with the Toronto Philharmonia, I am led to consider again the purpose of a live performing arts organization in this time of electronic media. Why have a professional [...]


Technology in the Arts Conference

It was my privilege to present to people at the Technology in the Arts conference at the University of Waterloo May 9-10 on the subject of classical music in virtual reality. My introductory [...]


So you want to know how to get more bookings as a classical performing artist?

Daily as an arts manager I receive dozens of unsolicited emails and material from artists I’ve never heard of and those materials are instantly discarded to clear my inbox and desk of [...]


Bubble Battle in Toronto

NewMindSpace, self-described purveyors of “cultural interventions and urban bliss dissemination, ” brought their latest playful event to urban spaces in Toronto on the afternoon of [...]