Is it the product or the process that makes for good art?

One time my husband and I took our daughter-in-law, a Chinese electrical engineer to an art show and she was frankly puzzled by the paintings. She asked, “why would you paint a landscape [...]


Alain Trudel reaches out to young Canadian composers

I have thought for a long time that Alain Trudel is one of Canada’s greatest musical assets. He can conduct, he can sure play trombone, and he has great programming ideas. Isn’t it [...]


The Purpose of Music

An acquaintance recently stumbled across some old musings of mine on the Arts Journal site. It brought memories flooding back of memorable conversations with enigmatic, deep, controversial [...]


CBC changes–Letter from the President of the Canadian League of Composers

published with permission of the author: Dear members of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, I am writing to you as President of the Canadian League of Composers, and request that you [...]


CBC kills Two New Hours

Two New Hours producer, David Jaeger with Norwegian composer/performance artist Maja Ratjke (left) and Canadian composer Melissa Hui (right) in happier times . Canadian music has been dealt a [...]