“Ends Justify the Means” Dilemmas in the Not-for-Profit Workplace

I have been thinking for some time about how we monitor and resolve ethical dilemmas in the non-profit workplace and how we could assure that public money is well-spent. In the not-for-profit and [...]


Delegation # 1: Why managers are afraid of delegating.

The first in a small series on the management art of effective delegation. When you talk to unhappy employees and ask them what is wrong with their jobs or their relationship with managers,  [...]


Boundaries, clock-watching and values-based management

Consider this scenario that is acted out in workplaces every day: You need to leave on time for once because of family plans. It’s busy at work and your boss says, “Well I don’t [...]


New idea in the fight against false self-employment

Here’s a new strategy for activists who want to fight back against this employment problem in Canada. When businesses represent workers as self-employed when they meet all the requirements [...]


Has a Canadian employer deprived you of contributions to EI and CPP?

If you’ve been a victim of the growing problem of false self-employment there IS something you can do. While legitimate self-employment has some benefits for workers, too many vulnerable [...]



Maybe because yesterday was my birthday I’m thinking about the ageism that I’ve been encountering in recent years. The Ontario Human Rights Commission asks the following: Have you [...]


Employed or self-employed? False-self employment is a growing poverty and equity issue for women workers.

Asked recently by the LEAF National Committee to complete a survey that included a recommendation of an issue warranting study by this national organization working in the area of women’s [...]