New animation from Prashant Miranda

In memory of the northern Red Oak is a simple, evocative and transformative piece of art, and that’s really typical of what Prash does in art. Here’s the film. Prash can be found at [...]


Silverberg Art Showing at Sage Cafe on McCaul

Jerry SilverbergSAGE CAFE – 166 McCaul (north of Dundas – just around the corner from the AGO) So after seeing Chagall as the main course come and have some desert of art and cakes at [...]


International Drawing Day June 6

You know you want to do it. You know you really want to do it. Do what? Draw of course! So on Saturday June 6, International Drawing Day stop everything pick up a pencil, a pen, a paintbrush, a [...]



One of the roses in my life currently is artist Prashant Miranda. Prashant volunteers his time and talent for World Literacy and has become a friend. He’s currently in India where he has [...]