Critics At Large: Inspired Flight: Cylla von Tiedemann’s What Dances…

“What Dances in Between, the title given to Toronto-based photographer Cylla von Tiedemann’s exhibition of dance images at the Al Green Gallery through February 9, captures the essence of [...]


Note to Factory Theatre Board: Please reinstate Ken Gass and stop the foolishness

UPDATED: After a prolonged and unsettling out-pouring of outrage, Ken made an announcement that he believed the theatre needed to move on under new leadership. I only came across this news [...]


New animation from Prashant Miranda

In memory of the northern Red Oak is a simple, evocative and transformative piece of art, and that’s really typical of what Prash does in art. Here’s the film. Prash can be found at [...]


Silverberg Art Showing at Sage Cafe on McCaul

Jerry SilverbergSAGE CAFE – 166 McCaul (north of Dundas – just around the corner from the AGO) So after seeing Chagall as the main course come and have some desert of art and cakes at [...]


Clay and Paper Theatre’s “Night of Dread”

“Oh look, we can PARTICIPATE”, exclaimed a young mom to her partner and children as they arrived at the launch point of Clay and Paper’s annual “Night of Dread” [...]


Clay & Paper’s Night of Dread Oct. 29

Night of Dread Dufferin Grove ParkSaturday, October 29, 2011 4-6PM: Gathering 6PM: Parade 7:15PM – Fire Circle Learn the fire circle chant: “We laugh at fear, And we laugh at death, [...]


Contact Contemporary Music Sept. 18

Mary-Katherine Finch, violoncello Wallace Halladay, saxophone Sunday, 18 September 2011 8pm Gallery 345 345 Sorauren Avenue www.gallery345.com www.contactcontemporarymusic.ca With Ryan Scott, [...]


Sept 11 Burlesque fundraiser for Fringe Show “Infinitum”

ELEFANT II On Saturday September 10th, The Cheshire Unicorn will be hosting a Burlesque and Fashion Show Fundraiser to help raise money for their upcoming production, Infinitum. Along with [...]


Beside Myself @ Artscape Wychwood Barns Sept 6-11

Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street, Toronto, ON (Christie just below St. Clair) Meet in Barn 2 Covered Street Toronto, ON New collective, Tones of Voice in association with the Goethe [...]


Pam McConnell on Toronto’s Libraries

Councillor McConnell’s message (in response to an email I sent her earlier) is clear and takes a stand against library cuts AND the whole direction of Mayor Ford. She does not believe that [...]