Difference Engine Initiative presents results!

Monday October 3rd, 7pmBallroom of the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street W.)Free The first round of the Difference Engine Initiative, a six week gamemaking incubator for women, is nearly over [...]


Muslim & American Extremists censoring Art

In the Time magazine article Indonesia’s Artists vs. Muslim Extremists,by Jason Tedjasukmana, the author decries the “Talibanization” of Art in Indonesia. He recounts a story of [...]


Will technology provide the means to a renewal of participatory democracy?

Forwarding on a press release that I got in my email today about an interesting presentation in virtual reality. I have been thinking a lot lately about the almost religious fervor people have [...]


Wanted! Musical Ensemble or Presenting Organization for Second Life Collaboration(s)

For two years I have been presenting concerts in the virtual world of Second Life developing my series of live concerts at Music Island into one of the virtual worlds’ hot spots and [...]


Virtual Praxis: A Conference on Women’s Community in Second Life

(yours truly will be a presenter at the Ohio State University Conference, as detailed below, November 15, 2008) Saturday, November 15, 2008To be held on Minerva, the teaching and research space [...]


Technology in the Arts Conference

It was my privilege to present to people at the Technology in the Arts conference at the University of Waterloo May 9-10 on the subject of classical music in virtual reality. My introductory [...]


Benito Flores; another real musician in Second Life!

Benito Flores in Second Life, known as Alessandro Marangoni, here in real life, has been generously sharing his time and talents with SL audiences over the past few months. The real life pianist [...]


Akito Kuramota, a real musician in Second Life

Anyone interested in learning more about classical music in Second Life might by interested in visiting the new My Space page of Akito Kuramoto. There is a little about the artist, but best of [...]


Classical Music in Second Life

Pictured above, is a “live” concert by British community orchestra Sinfonia Leeds in the virtual world of Second Life. The concert appeared in virtual reality within an open-learning [...]


IBM Workers to stage virtual strike in Second Life

The calendar is on the wall for strike planning, the strike headquarters is ready, even the T-shirts on on the rack ready to be donned. It’s just another day in union organizing, right? [...]

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