Arts Vote Toronto says, "I am an Artist and I Vote!"

If you are a Toronto artist, work for an arts organization or you directly or indirectly have business ties with artists & cultural attractions in Toronto (marketers, web designers, printers, hotels & restaurants etc.) then you’ll want to assure that you know which candidates in the upcoming Toronto elections understand the importance of the arts to the quality of life in Toronto and to the tourist economy.
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Arts Vote launch rally. 5 pm Tues. Nov. 17 @ the Urbanspace Art Gallery, 401 Richmond

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers

Tafelmusik launches "Sing-a-long Messiah Contest" on YouTube

The folks at Tafelmusik succeed year after year not only with great music (they are among the best that Toronto has to offer) but also with the novel ways that they come up with to connect the music of the past with what is happening here and now in our world. They have achieved this through collaborations with new composers; placing their work in the context of festivals of art like the Metamorphosis festival that draws from new and old works; and now with a fun contest that is powered by the popularity of YouTube and karaoke. Great marketing ideas like this should be celebrated. What makes this one great is that it isn’t just about getting bums in the seats for Tafelmusik’s Messiah this season (not that selling tickets isn’t important) but we are all tired and burned out by clever marketing that is just about “buy, buy, consume, consume”. This campaign is qualitatively different: it is about getting people singing and involved in the arts. That’s important at so many different levels.

If you love to sing and aren’t shy check out Tafelmusik’s website for all the information on the contest.

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers

Peter Stoll, clarinet, Nov. 5 @ noon, free lunchtime concert

If you are going to be anywhere near the University of Toronto, ‘s Faculty of Music building (just south of the Royal Ontario Museum, behind the old planetarium) you might like to catch what promises to be a lively concert with one of Toronto’s most versatile and active clarinetest.

Peter writes in his email of today, “A quick email just for those in the T.O. area who might be interested, this Thursday November 5, I’m playing a free recital at UofT’s Faculty of Music, the Edward Johnson Building, in Walter Hall, noon-1pm. Fun stuff, some classical, some jazz, some klezmer, 3 different sizes of clarinets, hope you can make it!”

By the way, Peter has a new website. If you are a music-lover in Toronto, you’ll want to bookmark it.

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers