Artey Stamps

Mock stamps aren’t meant to counterfeit stamps but rather to pay homage.


Travel themed art journal page

A travel themed Art Journaling page using stamping, inks and decoupage.


One of my favorite mythological creatures are Ents. I modelled this one on an Ent avatar that once attended a Solstice concert in Second Life and I captured on video.



6 x 6 challenge for July 2019


Is the age of Aquarius still dawning or have I slept through it.

Shoe Hat

Shoe hat collage card

These images just needed to go together for a collaged card. Gel press, collage, embossing, decoupage.

Capacity Building

In the non-profit and arts sector we use the term “capacity-building” a lot but we seldom stop to compare notes about what we mean by the term.  To many non-profit staff and volunteers, it is all about the money and certainly more dollars builds our capacity. . . as long as those dollars are not wasted.  But there are other considerations in capacity building that can help us do more with what we have and position us to grow.

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