Flow re-start

flow restart

In the “A Layer A Day” Art journaling group in fall 2019 we were talking all about flow states and this week the prompt was what we did when the flow wasn’t happening. I journaled about dipping into the hive mind. I was thinking about Pinterest and YouTube but also the inspiration from the work of other “butterflies”.

When you’re skating on thin ice

Might as well dance

Line from a song “When you’re skatin’ on thin ice, then you might as well dance”. What we do when inspiration fails. Might as well play and have fun. What have you got to lose?

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Art Journalling Page

Creating within my comfort zone with a familar palette and tools.

Tutti Fruiti

Tutti Fruity

6 X 6 challenge this month was “Fruit” and I immediately had images of Carmen Miranda and her fruit hats dancing in my head so I had to draw that in my journal.