Cobourg Town Hall

We travelled the full length of Ontario’s old Highway 2 from Toronto to the Quebec border this summer and discovered a lot of new sites along the way. This elaborate town hall in Cobourg caught my eye.  It really reminds me of St. Lawrence Hall in Toronto which was Toronto’s first City Hall.

Kensington Market-Cheese Magic

Cheese Magic in Kensington Market

This is the Cheese Magic shop in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighbourhood.  A predominately Jewish owned shop location in the 1950’s and 60’s, it has welcomed numerous waves of immigrant shop owners and now is an iconic tourist destination.

It was also the setting for a much-loved CBC sitcom “King of Kensington”.

I was drawing from a photograph in this sketch and working only in markers. 

I have been taking a course in using markers and I think I’m getting the hang of these new techniques but. . . really missing my water colour box.