Anglican Church of Canada Offices

North of St. James Cathedral there is a row of Victorian offices that run up to Adelaide and around the corner. Built in the same brick as the church, the Court House a block away and St. Lawrence Hall, the original City Hall, these buildings house a number or organization including the Anglican Church of Canada, who used to take up the full structure, I believe. Theres a new church Hall for the Cathedral in blue glass between the old offices and St. James Park.

Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto

I bought myself a sketchbook with a wide format.  I’d been admiring other people’s ability to create some wide street scenes.  I really had fun with this.  I think I’ll use this format a lot in future.

Elmsley Place

This house in Toronto’s Annex was purchased by St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto in 1920 and still serves as student housing. I wanted to sketch it because of it’s Hogwarts feeling and the unique brick buttresses under the upper storey tower room. These days it is connected to two additional houses on the block that collectively house about 70 students in double and single rooms. The Annex was Toronto’s first subdivision and is now a mixed neighbourhood of mansions, frat houses, rooming houses and houses converted into multi-unit dwellings.

37 Madison

37 Madison

I saw this house in a real estate listing for about 7 M. It is currently being used as offices for an advertising agency. I think the sunrise light bathing the bricks and stone in yellow and orange really appealed to me.