Bathurst Loop

There’s a turnaround and transfer point at Bathurst and Queens Quay on Toronto’s waterfront.  I sometimes used to transfer to a Bathurst car here when I worked in the King/Bathurst area about 2002-04.  But these are new streetcars that take up most of a city block. I first rode these articulated streetcars in 2017-18 I think.  I was working for Tapestry Opera in the Distillery District and I’d catch the streetcar on Cherry Street. It was a darn cold place to wait.  I wasn’t sure about the new cars. They were easier to get on but they moved in such a herky jerky fashion, people were always losing their footing at first until both drivers and passengers adjusted.

Philosopher’s Walk

Nestled between RMC and the Royal Ontario Museum on Bloor is the entrance to the nicest little footpath through a part of U of T’s downtown campus