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About artscubed

ArtsCubed was founded somewhat by serendipity by experienced arts and non-profit manager, Linda Rogers during a year spent in Canada’s north.  Building on non-profit and arts contacts she had made made during more than 25 years of work in Canadian and US not-for-profits she reached out to offer grant writing, communications and project planning/coordination work that could be accomplished online.  Very soon, she was busier than she’d ever been as a fulltime arts worker in Toronto!  

When the year in the North was over, ArtsCubed was fully launched as a multi-faceted consulting firm specializing in the needs of small arts organizations, arts education projects, individual artists/musicians and ensembles as well as other not-for-profits. Linda  also reaches out to an informal work-group of arts professionals as needed.

So What's the thing with the Cube?

Two answers:

ArtsCubed has 3 dimensions:

  • Fund Development
  • Communications
  • Non-profit management consulting

ArtsCubed also has coordinated events in the virtual world environment of Second Life where the basic building block is . . . a cube.

Personal Art

Although I have worked almost exclusively in the performing arts, I have never forgotten that I started theatre with a focus on design and visual arts.  My personal visual arts practice has primarily been in art journalling and mail art.  Visual art has been increasing in importance in my life and practice since about 2014.

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