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About artscubed

ArtsCubed was founded somewhat by serendipity by experienced arts and non-profit manager, Linda Rogers during a year spent in Canada’s north.  Building on non-profit and arts contacts she had made made during more than 25 years of work in Canadian and US not-for-profits she reached out to offer grant writing, communications and project planning/coordination work that could be accomplished online.  Very soon, she was busier than she’d ever been as a fulltime arts worker in Toronto!  

When the year in the North was over, ArtsCubed was fully launched as a multi-faceted consulting firm specializing in the needs of small arts organizations, arts education projects, individual artists/musicians and ensembles as well as other not-for-profits. Linda  also reaches out to an informal work-group of arts professionals as needed.

So What's the thing with the Cube?

Two answers:

ArtsCubed has 3 dimensions:

  • Fund Development
  • Communications
  • Non-profit management consulting

ArtsCubed also has coordinated events in the virtual world environment of Second Life where the basic building block is . . . a cube.

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