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I have been so immersed in art journaling and so busy with web design that I have been neglecting my mail art community. I am plunging back in with a series based on faces (masked and un-masked) and am also planning some fall-themed cards.

Dragonfly Cards

Dragonfly Cards

This was part of a series of cards that I packaged up as holiday gifts in 2019.

Hand-stamped ATC’s

I did a series of ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) this summer using hand-made rubber stamps on a variety of salvaged backgrounds.

Summer Cards

Summer Cards

I sent out a series of similar cards to the seasonal art mail art group in IUOMA.

Artey Stamps

Mock stamps aren’t meant to counterfeit stamps but rather to pay homage.

Shoe Hat

Shoe hat collage card

These images just needed to go together for a collaged card. Gel press, collage, embossing, decoupage.


I keep returning to steampunk themes especially in sending mail to the Pataphysical group in IUOMA.

Pataphysical Worms
gear head