PLEASE POST: September 29, 2010

Unsolicited Scripts and Project Submission Guidelines

Canadian Stage accepts unsolicited scripts and previously produced projects for consideration for production.

Founded in 1987 with the merger of CentreStage and Toronto Free Theatre, Canadian Stage is one of Canada’s leading not-for-profit contemporary theatre companies. Led by Artistic & General Director Matthew Jocelyn, Canadian Stage produces and showcases innovative theatre work from Canada and around the world, allowing its audience to encounter daring work guided by a strong directorial vision and a 21st-century aesthetic. The company prides itself on presenting trans-disciplinary work and work in translation that pushes the boundaries of form and style. The company reinforces the presence of Canadian art and artists within an international context through work that mirrors the cultural diversity of Toronto. Canadian Stage has a long-standing commitment to education and enhancement programs for the public and investing in the art form by nurturing and developing theatre professionals while producing thought-provoking theatre and quality entertainment in Toronto, one of North America’s largest theatre centres. For more information, refer to

Submissions of both scripts and trans-disciplinary projects will be accepted in hard copy format only (no electronic submissions). DVDs and support materials are welcome. Submissions are reviewed by a reading committee made up of staff, artists and community members, and each project will receive a response within six months. Please note we do not provide a critique of your script or dramaturgical feedback.

– Please provide two (2) copies of all materials including script or production project details including an outline of the play’s developmental history, artists involved and any other support materials.
– When possible, our committee members read each script blindly before looking at supplementary materials; please do not include your name on each page of your script.
– Please include a large self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish to have your materials returned.
– Our committee will review a script or project once.
– We will only review one script or project per writer per season.

Please send submissions to:
Unsolicited Script and Project Submissions
Attn: Natasha Mytnowych
Associate Director of Programming
Canadian Stage
26 Berkeley Street
Toronto, ON M5A 2W3
Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers
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blogging about blogging

These days to post about my life would be to blog about blogging as I have mainly been filling my idle hours working on the PrashArt blog at

I thought I would join the 43 Things Website to help motivate me to do more with my life, get more organized. This site allows you to set up to 43 things you want to do, cheer others on with the same goals and give little status reports, send reminder messages.

Not being that ambitious I could only think of 6 things. What an underachiever!

My big accomplishment in the “play my cello” goal was getting the case open.
At that point, the cello, opened for the first time in ages in the dry winter air promptly developed a crack, thereby allowing me to procrastinate for several more months until I get organized to take it in to get fixed. So it wasn’t a total loss.

After awhile I wondered why I hadn’t gotten any of the motivational messages I’d set up for myself. But you see, my computer thought that these messages were spam. So I’d succeeded in spamming myself also.

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers
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