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Grant writing that puts your best foot forward

Make it easy for funders to say "Yes".

Expert grant writing is as much about knowing the funder and the funding program as knowing your organization and the project that is in need of funding.

How we work.

Usually on short to medium term contracts (3 to 6 months) to develop a funding strategy or work with your team on some targeted applications.  Longer term contracts are more cost-effective but, when there’s availability we do respond to one-time emergency requests.

Grant writing from Rough Draft to Final

Summary: Having a common understanding of the stages and what needs to be done to complete steps to a submission-ready grant application helps collaborative grant writing teams work seamlessly.  Before
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What does a contract grant writer do?

A typical grant writing process involves: Researching funding opportunities relevant to your field, request, and or specific project Gathering data and stats to bolster your argument through a survey of the literature and or looking at your own data and analysing/formating it for effective presentation. Reviewing the funder's  guidelines to ensure you have the information necessary to answer all questions thoroughly and succinctly and are actually qualified to apply. 
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Introduction to Grantwriting Presentation

A free to use powerpoint presentation on the basics of grant writing.
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Are you "grant-ready"?

A  great discussion today emerged in the Grant Writer’s Network on Linked In “How do you deal with clients who don’t provide you with the detailed information you need to write the
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The Rise of Online Applications

Funders seem to love them.  Grantwriters hate them.  Online application processes. Balky processes: Recently I completed a “Celebrate Ontario” grant application on the Grants Ontario website.  In addition to the
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Grantwriting Basics

Most grant programs are tied to geographic regions There’s a lot about the process of writing grant applications that crosses international borders and disciplines. I have written successful grant applications
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