UPDATED: After a prolonged and unsettling out-pouring of outrage, Ken made an announcement that he believed the theatre needed to move on under new leadership.

I only came across this news (don’t know how I missed it) when I saw Ken Gass’s job posted on Work in Culture and wondered what the story was, had he retired, or whatever.

I just signed the petition in support of re-instating Ken. I first met Ken when I was a theatre student and a play I wrote was selected for one of Factory’s reading nights at the old JCC. At one point I was shortlisted to work with him as General Manager at the theatre and we hit it off famously and stayed in touch. I regret that I didn’t get the job but couldn’t argue with the fact that I had only a small amount of experience with facility management and the building renovations were most important at that juncture. Whatever one thinks of his particular merits, there is a more important issue:  Arts Boards in Toronto need to be told that the arts public does NOT want them to treat dedicated arts leaders and staff in this fashion. Arts organizations are not US corporations and we should not be sending our arts leaders to the door with their belongings in a shoebox.

Here’s some press:

Change.org|How to Start a Petition

by Steve Kupferman, NATIONAL POST 

“Artistic icons weigh in on Factory fallout”
by Glenn Sumi, NOW MAGAZINE

“Factory Theatre boycott: Michel Marc Bouchard pulls his play”
by Richard Ouzounian, TORONTO STAR

“Playing at Small Theatres- The Handyman Special”
by Kate Taylor, GLOBE & MAIL

“Factory Theatre founder Ken Gass pursuing legal action against board”
by Richard Ouzounian, TORONTO STAR

“Playwrights Judith Thompson, George F. Walker and others seek boycott of Factory Theatre”
by Richard Ouzounian, TORONTO STAR

“When should a board fire itself”

“Petition urges reinstatement of Ken Gass at Factory Theatre”
by Richard Ouzounian, TORONTO STAR

“Why many are calling for Factory Theatre’s board to resign”
by Steve Fisher, THE TORONTOIST

“Petition calls for reinstatement of Ken Gass, resignation of theatre board”
by Kelly Nestruck, GLOBE & MAIL

“Gass’ dismissal from Factory shocks Toronto theatre world”
by Kelly Nestruck, GLOBE & MAIL

“Factory Theatre dispute far from over” Toronto Star

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers

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