Layer 1 Ink sprays and water. This theme makes me feel blessed because I realized how very many points of light there are in my life.

Layer 2 channelling Van Gogh a bit, putting some dots on the background reminiscent of Starry Night with my posca pens.

Layer 3 It is easier to see the light when you aren’t alone. I was a bit terrified free-handing my figures in because the surface wasn’t friendly to pencil sketching so I just took a deep breath as I went in with a big brush Pitt pen without a safety net. I wanted my figures to not be clearly any gender so you can decide whether they are a couple, friends, siblings. I stenciled some words on and right now I am happy to see them fading into the background. Tomorrow I might choose to bring some forward or push them back. The first one I chose was “serendipity” because when I’m in a dark place I always remind myself of all the random things that have served to improve my life and the world in general. I know that odds are good that something like that will happen soon

Layer 4. A bit of final fiddling around. I did a little stamping. I embossed some lettering with clear “holographic” embossing powder. I created a rather blingy tab from some sequin ribbon and a stick on ornament pilfered from the grand-kids craft stash. I covered the attachment of the tab with a sewn on ribbon and ran a few lines of stitching up and down on my treadle machine.

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