I am interested in the juxtaposition and tension between circles and lines. To me there is a contradiction. We experience time in a linear way and yet learning, revelation, inspiration and change happen in circles, spirals, onion layers of meaning.

I added some doodling. What are those things? I started creating a lightening rod on the side that reminded me of the creations of a retired metal-worker neighbour of ours that embellished his house with lightening rods of curious design. But then it started to look like the hands of a clock, so I added one on the bottom. But then the balls reminded me of kundalini chakra charts so who the heck knows? I drew a bunch of lines and arrows to emphasize linear flow and added to the background with elements from TCW Wanderlust stencil and Tim Holtz mini stencil set 1 (I use these mini’s all the time). I should add that the mandala is created with TCW Sunflower Mandala and I have lost track of the name and designer of my wave stencil. I used inks applied with makeup sponges through stencils. I doodled with a Faber-Castell drawing pen, Posca marker and sharpies


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