Sharing Expertise

A collection of my writings on arts and non-profit management.


Capacity Building
In the non-profit and arts sector we use the term “capacity-building” a lot but we seldom stop to compare notes about what we mean by the term.  To many non-profit staff and volunteers, it is all about the money and certainly more dollars builds our capacity. . . as long as those dollars are not wasted.  But there are other considerations in capacity building that can help us do more with what we have and position us to grow.
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#MeToo is only one symptom of what is ailing the arts workplace
No one working in the Arts has failed to cheer the fresh air blowing in the window in the wake of the #MeToo movement but there is also a ripple of disquiet about what’s NOT being said about the atmosphere that has allowed abusive environments to flourish and the broader subject of abuse and bullying in the sector. 
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The Arts Consultant: planning for a useful consultancy
So you and/or your Board of Directors is planning a project that will involve the use of an outside consultant or consulting firm.  We’ve all seen consulting projects
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Canada's new anti-spam law, should charities be panicking?
Here is a quote from the Government of Canada’s website: Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) does not apply to non-commercial activity. Political parties and charities that engage Canadians through
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Getting it Right: Consulting Projects
Here’s a little presentation that I did on how to plan for a successful project with a consultant Getting it Right: Working Successfully with Consultants from Linda Rogers
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"Ends Justify the Means" Dilemmas in the Not-for-Profit Workplace
I have been thinking for some time about how we monitor and resolve ethical dilemmas in the non-profit workplace and how we could assure that public money is
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