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Music Island: Real Music in a Virtual World

Ada Live – and SoundX presentation 2014

ADA Live- Christine Caulfield SoundX Symposium 2014 World Premiere of “Ada Live” 2012 2014 Presentation of “Ada Live” as part of New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) SoundX Symposium, Wychwood
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Tall Ships Tour (UK) with Christopher Wray

Tall Ships Concerts Composer/Musician Christopher Wray collaborated with Music Island to plan and present a virtual version of a concert he hoped to produce (and did) in association with a
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Storm in a Teacup

A total of 36 avatars sat around the rim of virtual teacups to whirl through a multimedia art display for a 30 minute trip that ended in a final movement
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International Festival of Women in Virtual Music International Festival of Women in Virtual Music.  Funded by the American Association of University Women and presented by the State University of Ohio. The day long festival involved professional
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Founded in 2007, Music Island has been a leading developer and presenter of music and multimedia arts projects in Second Life.  Collaborators have included Ohio State University, the American Library Association, Fribourg Conservatory in Switzerland, Open University, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education, the Sound Spiral (UK), Leeds Sinfonia,Virtlandis, Radio Spiral, Rockcliffe University, Torben Asp Events, and many individual artists. 

Founded by Arts Cube founder, Linda Rogers, the project has been publicized in the press and professional journals and we’ve done live presentations for sharing with our colleagues at conferences and symposia. 

2016 Presentation Open University MOOC

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