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Web Design and Maintenance

Integrated Communications Strategy

ArtsCubed provides WordPress website development responsive to and reflective of your organizational communications strategy, whether your goal is sales, community information or discussion/collaborative spaces.

If you’ve been disappointed by paying big bucks to tech companies that don’t understand your work and fail to deliver  the type of user-friendly  site you need, talk to us.  It  might suit your needs to work with an arts colleague who speaks your language and can inform you on affordable web options.  If you aren’t happy being lost in the backwaters of the web with cookie cutter sites while paying high hosting fees, can’t afford to pay for a totally customized site and lack the time, skills and patience to build a WordPress site consider the middle path.  ArtsCubed will help you choose a premium WordPress theme that meets your needs and customize it to your brand and content. 


Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Website
Vist Site The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra is an amazing 40 year old community orchestra in Scarborough, Ontario. Once an independent city, Scarborough was annexed to Toronto by provincial decree in
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Larry Carbone, Veterinarian and Animal Rights Activist
The Project Starting with content on a blog, create a multi-faceted site for an individual with streams of activity including consulting, activism, nature photography and crafting. The Look I
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Ron Royer, Composer and Conductor
This project presented several challenges.  The client had been left with an unworkable site by a web developer that used multiple subscription plugins to create content.  A year later with
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Theresa Shea, Author-Edmonton, AL
The Edmonton author came to us with a hand-coded site built in 2012 that she was unable to update by herself. The site had been launched to coincide with the
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Jordan de Souza, Conductor-Berlin/Toronto
Having a static site just didn’t fit the rocketing career of trend-setting conductor, Jordan de Souza. Having previously worked with Jordan on some small communications projects, we took on website
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Hadar Avarim, Law Professor, and Social Justice Blogger
Hadar Aviram Website Development Project  Front End development of a new site featuring both imported posts (from two blogs) and new content.  Posts migrated to WordPress.  Taxonomy development and collaborative
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Dr. Madeline Goodman, Psychiatrist, Portland ME
Dr. Madeline Goodman, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2020 This US based mental health professional wanted a site that spoke to her love of nature.  ArtsCubed worked with her to develop a
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Puppetmongers Theatre, Toronto
Puppetmongers Website Project 2017 The challenge for this veteran puppetry theatre company was quickly conveying the range of activities that involved works for audiences of all ages.  We wanted to
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Jung at Heart, Psychotherapy, Belfast ME
THE PROJECT: To develop a new WordPress site for a blog written by a Jungian therapist focused on personal growth, healthy body image, and Jungian analysis.  The site had previously
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