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“I used to believe that being respectful of Aboriginal issues meant remaining silent—I’m not native, what right do I have? But politically correct silence permits a kind of blindness to what’s happening . . .” Andree Cazabon

Art sensitizes us to social and political issues, but sometimes the artists themselves are politicized, activated, motivated by the situations that the encounter as they create, chronicle and interpret.

Andree Cazabon has chronicled this process in a wonderful small piece in the current Macleans magazine.

I am finding the north to be a place of stark contrasts. The vastness of the sky, the quality of the light creates a shimmering landscape of beauty. The trees seem to go on forever. There are lakes that no one has named. But the social problems in these small communities are evident everywhere. I will be very interested to see the film “Third World Canada”.

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers
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