Wheat Sheaf Tavern

I did a sketch of the Wheatsheaf Tavern as it looks now. I haven’t been in it since it reopened but 20 years ago when it was still a dive I used to work nearby and my colleagues and I found it a desirable place for a drink because our boss wouldn’t be caught dead in such a down and out bar. How times have changed now that it is renovated and trendy.

Church Street

Since I was sketching the 510 Church building I thought I would do a preliminary sketch of the other side of the street which I just completed.

Friends Meeting House

Friends Meeting House in Toronto

Friends Meeting House (Quakers) on Lowther Street neat the St. George Subway stop in Toronto.

Berczy Park

Pronounce “Bear Ski” Park, this small park between Wellington and Front Streets in Old Toronto has a newish whimsical fountain with porcelain dogs, so a favorite dog owner destination for puppy selfies. I always wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that an annual dog themed festival “Woofstock” used to happen in this part of the city. It has since moved to Harbourfront. Dogs used to cool off in the old fountain on those occasions, I recall.

Beardmore Building

This is a great Victorian era building on Front Street in Toronto. When it was built it was the first street up from the port of Toronto. Now, due to infilling, there are about 6 blocks to the water’s edge.

Reliable Fish and Chips

reliable fish and chips watercolour sketch

This Queen Street East Fish and Chips joint closed a week after I sketched it. It was a favorite Leslieville spot for families and lunchtime gatherings for decades. I like that it wasn’t yuppified. We used to call it “un-Reliable Fish and Chips” because its hours were a little unpredictable.

Toronto City Hall

Toronto City Hall Sketch

I was trying to sketch this iconic building from a different angle. I chose a kids battered hockey skates as my focal point.