Red is a Joker Colour

I don’t really have a colour I “hate” but red is just so loud and bossy. It screams in bold caps and demands to be the star of every show. It also isn’t a good team player because you have to find EXACTLY the right shade to complement fininicky reds or they get in a snit and go all clashy on you. Loud and self-centred colour it is.  Because I am not fond of red, I always have left-over red papers in my nearly used up pads of scrapbook paper, so I started by collaging some. It was cheap paper so I had some wrinkles and I ended up having to add more paper as I caused some damage trying to flatten the wrinkles. Oh well.

Negative painting focal image.
Collaged red papers

I used the negative painting technique to define my focal image and then used paint and water soluble markers (with water brush) to create my red-garbed joker.