It was my privilege to present to people at the Technology in the Arts conference at the University of Waterloo May 9-10 on the subject of classical music in virtual reality.

My introductory presentation can be found here. In addition I have posted my backgrounder document with more detailed technical information here

But the magic really happened when Alessandro Marangoni, stepped up to the real piano in Italy and the virtual piano as Benito Flores and charmed the participants across oceans and media.

Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers

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  1. Kate, thank you for the excellent ppt presentation you have shared here. I am inspired by what you have done.

    Thank you also for the invite to the concert today in SL. It was an incredible experience, far beyond my expectations.

    SL – Robin Mochi

  2. Hi Robin! Wow that was you at the concert yesterday. I am so glad you could join us. We have a concert almost every week. The prior week it was a wonderful early music performer/professor from Holland. She sang songs of Hildegard von Bingen, accompanying herself variously on lap harp, hurdy-gurdy and other medieval instruments.

    I spotted that I had linked to a PowerPoint presentation with links in error. I have put the correct version in place now. The conference site also now has the presentation available as pdf, but did not post the Word document which is really more informative for anyone wanting to actually do an SL music project.

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