Jordan de Souza, Conductor

Having a static site just didn’t fit the rocketing career of trend-setting conductor, Jordan de Souza. Having previously worked with Jordan on some small communications projects, we took on website design and management this year.

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Hadar Avarim Website Project

Hadar Aviram Website Development Project 

Front End development of a new site featuring both imported posts (from two blogs) and new content.  Posts migrated to WordPress.  Taxonomy development and collaborative development of logo and color palette.

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Dr. Madeline Goodman: Website Project 2020

Dr. Madeline Goodman, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2020

This US based mental health professional wanted a site that spoke to her love of nature.  ArtsCubed worked with her to develop a logo (a two sided fern frond) and her tag line “Walking Out of the Woods Together”. We used original photographs for the nature-themed backgrounds and decorative panels.

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We created media loops as textures to give the feeling of being in nature to the site visitor. Still photos are substituted for mobile visitors.

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Puppetmongers Theatre Site Redesign 2017

Puppetmongers Website Project 2017

The challenge for this veteran puppetry theatre company was quickly conveying the range of activities that involved works for audiences of all ages.  We wanted to avoid a “just for children” look.  The solution was found in a sophisticated but colourful palette and a media skinned hero slider that included a video montage from varied activities.


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Video Skinnning

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Tapestry Opera Site 2016-2019


In 2016 this organization had a non-responsive site based on an out-dated custom theme.  Complicating the design was a desire by the organization to maintain its dark theme while also being accessible on all devices and browsers.  This site also involved a WooCommerce integration for subscriptions and the creation of highly specialized conditional logic application forms for professional development events and auditions.

A hallmark of the site was a tremendous volume of great video and image content.

Sitemap for website plan
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Jung at Heart-2019-2020


To develop a new WordPress site for a blog written by a Jungian therapist focused on personal growth, healthy body image, and Jungian analysis.  The site had previously existed on a Sandvox platform 

Developed logo, colour palette, wire-frame, installed theme after updating php version and installing WordPress.

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Opera Canada Magazine Digital Project-2015-2020

Opera Canada Magazine digital project 2014-2019.


At project start date the organization had a vibrant 50+ year old print publication with very little digital presence. Although having a website for almost a decade, the site mainly provided information for phone or written communications.   There was no online print content, no opportunity to buy online subscriptions, no online opportunity to buy gala tickets online and no current opera listings.  Facebook Likes were under 50 and Twitter followers about 200.  There was no Instagram account, no mail list and no e-newsletter.

The Project

– Created a decision tree with 3 potential project models as a preliminary step, presented and led a decision-making process prior to adoption of Phase 1 Plan.
– Prepared a wire-frame model
– Researched and selected new WordPress theme and created new content pages
– Worked with magazine staff to create and edit categories and content sections
– Created new Facebook Page, led Facebook promotions
– Used Formidable Forms to create subscription pages
– Set up and designed template for Mail Chimp Newsletter
– Pioneered online sales of gala tickets.
– Provided staff training and support
– Pioneered sales of online advertising space
– Presented Phase 2 plan to increase monetization of site through the provision of subscription content. 


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Rogers, Labour Arbitration

Rogers Arbitration

Launched in 2018

This busy Vancouver based lawyer has a practice as a neutral labour arbitrator helping unions and employers resolve disputes equitably. She wanted a simple one page site for people to find her contact information and track her availability for meetings.

This site features an embedded calendar managed by a professional association.


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Babysteps to Reading

Babysteps to reading

Working with various workshop outlines and articles constructed a site for a reading educator writing a book on early education.

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