Jordan de Souza, Conductor

Having a static site just didn’t fit the rocketing career of trend-setting conductor, Jordan de Souza. Having previously worked with Jordan on some small communications projects, we took on website design and management this year.

Ada Live – and SoundX presentation 2014

ADA Live- Christine Caulfield

SoundX Symposium 2014

World Premiere of “Ada Live” 2012

2014 Presentation of “Ada Live” as part of New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) SoundX Symposium, Wychwood Barns, Toronto.  In association with Sound Spiral (UK)

Original composition by Christine Caulfield. 

Tall Ships Tour (UK) with Christopher Wray

Tall Ships Concerts

Composer/Musician Christopher Wray collaborated with Music Island to plan and present a virtual version of a concert he hoped to produce (and did) in association with a tall ships circumnavigation tour of the United Kingdom.

Storm in a Teacup

A total of 36 avatars sat around the rim of virtual teacups to whirl through a multimedia art display for a 30 minute trip that ended in a final movement on the ground. The work was composed by Christine Montgomery and accompanied photography by R0bin Helsinki.

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International Festival of Women in Virtual Music

International Festival of Women in Virtual Music. 

Funded by the American Association of University Women and presented by the State University of Ohio. The day long festival involved professional musicians from Japan, UK, US, Poland, Netherlands, France, and Finland. 

Co-ordinated by ArtsCubed project Music Island.


The festival –with a different artistic line up– was repeated in 2011. 


2011 Festival with Choo Choo Chicks. 

Hadar Avarim Website Project

Hadar Aviram Website Development Project 

Front End development of a new site featuring both imported posts (from two blogs) and new content.  Posts migrated to WordPress.  Taxonomy development and collaborative development of logo and color palette.

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Dr. Madeline Goodman: Website Project 2020

Dr. Madeline Goodman, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2020

This US based mental health professional wanted a site that spoke to her love of nature.  ArtsCubed worked with her to develop a logo (a two sided fern frond) and her tag line “Walking Out of the Woods Together”. We used original photographs for the nature-themed backgrounds and decorative panels.

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We created media loops as textures to give the feeling of being in nature to the site visitor. Still photos are substituted for mobile visitors.