Celebrating the colour orange with textures and Faber Castell gelatos.  Orange postcards mailed to IUOMA’s “Orange” group.

Red Dots

red dots

Postcard mailed to a member of the Circles group in IUOMA.

Lucky Day

Another collaged postcard using opera company discarded production shots.

Summer Circles 2018

Circle Art summer 2018

As a member of IUOMA I participated in the Summer Circles group that exchanged mail art themed on circles during June-September 2018.  I made circle postcards using drawing pen and water colour with collage elements mainly.  I also experimented with gelatos and texture art medium.

Ironic Angels

Ironic Angel Card

Angels always creeped me out a little, even before Dr. Who. Texture paste through a stencil, gelatos, pens, collage.

Mount Peasant cemetary angel